What Time of Year Is Best For Landscaping?

With the winter months coming to an end, you may already be starting to think about the changes you want to make to the exterior of your property. Landscaping incorporates an array of different options, including driveways, patios, gardens and much more. Here are some tips when it comes to seasonal landscaping.

flowers in the spring



Many people will agree that the best time to begin your landscaping project is between the months of April and May. These months give your plants the perfect opportunity to grow, so start planting your trees and shrubs at the beginning of spring.





If you are looking to get your driveway or patio done, the summertime is the perfect opportunity for this. As this time of year is most likely to have sunny weather, making conditions ideal for any paving and fencing work. Although, it’s important to contact any landscapers/gardeners well in advance as this is an especially busy period for them.

garden in the autumn



You can utilise the autumn months to give your garden some much needed TLC after the summer heat. It also gives you the time to prepare for the harsh winter months ahead. The beginning of autumn is also a great opportunity to plant trees and shrubs, ideally before the temperatures start to plummet. This is because the cooler weather and frequent rainfall throughout autumn will allow your plants to stay hydrated after the dry summer months.

trees in winter



Whilst the winter isn’t exactly the most ideal time to carry out your landscaping, there are an array of plants that you can grow in these bitterly cold months. Pansies, English Primroses and Violas are just a few plants that can spruce up your garden throughout the winter.

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