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Professional Turf Laying In Leicester

So what makes the perfect lawn? Laying turf at the correct time of year is the most important part. Our team can advise you when the best time is to arrange our experts to lay your new turf for you. As we take pride in all of our work from start to finish, during the initial design, we will show you how your new garden will look by planning out your landscape during the design stages.

There is a lot more to turfing than what may first meet the eye and the preparation is key if the turf is to thrive.

Choosing a professional to lay the turf in your garden is a great way to ensure that you will have the best looking lawn in your area. The ground upon which the grass and soil combination will be laid must first be perfectly prepared.

A herbicide is first used to kill the current lawn and any weeds that may be growing, this dead turf must then be removed and nutrient-rich topsoil can be put in place. Once the original job of laying the turf is complete it is vital, in the beginning, to keep it watered every day to ensure that it not only survives but stays lush and green.

The Perfect Lawn
  • Expert Advice
  • Professional Turf Layer
  • Best Timing Ensured
  • Measurement Final Checks
  • Perfect Preparation
  • Preview The Design
"Whether you know exactly what you want from our service or would like a little inspiration, browse our gallery to see the extensive skills our team possess. For a sophisticated driveway or to add a little character to your garden, call our team today on 0116 2392 666 and let us provide a service that will exceed your expectations."
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The Process of Laying New Turf
Remove old turf
Firstly, Remove Any Old Turf

We start by removing any existing turf which is done by using a spade ensuring we also remove any roots.

Preparing soil
Preparation of Your New Lawn

Then we make sure we have removed any large debris before arranging delivery of the new turf.

Measuring your garden
Final Check on Measurements

We double check measurements of your lawn to ensure we arrange the correct amount of turf.

New turf delivery
Arrange Delivery of New Turf

Only once preparation has been completed, do we arrange delivery of your new rolls of turf.

Turfing being laid
Laying New Turf

We then lay down the turf in straight lines, rolling as we go along. Using excess for corners and odd shapes.

Our Turfing Case Studies
View our previous work in relaying turf, here you can see before and after photos