5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Perfect Patio

Installing a patio to your garden can provide an area that is ideal for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Your patio can be created with slabs or intricate brickwork depending on what you envision.

A variety of factors should be taken into consideration when planning your perfect patio, from styling, lighting, accessories and more. We’ve gone into detail about 5 things that we believe you should think about before having your patio installed, some of which Ultimate Landscapes can cater for.

Patio Styling

The style of your patio is a lot more flexible nowadays due to the progression of concrete colouring and stamping tools. Because of this, you can design a patio that is completely suited to the current style of your property, garden, and personal tastes. The shape and size of your garden also no longer affects your options when choosing a patio style as concrete can be formed to any shape and size.

Patios can be installed using a wide selection of materials – from concrete to granite, to slate, to limestone and more. Your options are endless – you can create your own patio area that either matches or compliments your properties brickwork, whilst meeting your own requirements and staying within budget.



Verandas are becoming increasingly popular due to their practicality and the shelter they provide, along with their stylish look. Ultimate Landscapes offer a large selection of timber structures, including verandas, that can help to brighten up your patio.

You may decide to grow plants and vines up and over the top, providing a leafy green area perfect for relaxation. Alternatively, you could add a canopy to add a thicker shelter, or you may want something a bit more contemporary and opt for a glass roof veranda. Either way, we see this as being essential when planning your perfect patio!


Seating Areas

When choosing your seating options, it’s important to factor in whether you have space to store this additional furniture during the winter months. If not, then we would recommend buying outdoor dining sets that can handle the weather changes.

There are various products available out there to help protect your garden furniture – from table sheets to wood stain and varnish. For maximum comfort, chair cushions are always a popular choice, and these can easily be stored inside when not in use.

To take the comfort level a bit further, why not consider large outdoor beanbags?

Ultimate Landscapes can also create bespoke wooden benches should you want something truly unique for your garden.

New patio area with resin bound gravel

Patio Lighting

Lighting up your patio allows you to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family, even after the sun has set. From fairy lights hanging from your veranda to solar-powered lights bordering your patio, there are thousands of options available. To brighten up your pathways outside, you could add wall lighting.

Not only does patio lighting provide safety when walking in the dark, but also atmosphere for those late summer nights, depending on your chosen style.

Photo credit: John Mills - https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnclarkemills/3367830651


The last thing that we feel important to consider when doing up your garden, is how you accessorise your patio area. Plants, ornaments and wind chimes all help to create a certain feel. Even funky chair cushions and table runners can brighten up a dull back garden.

Whatever style you have decided to go for, be it contemporary and sleek, or pretty and floral, additional accessories can help to accentuate that style.

Patio Potted Pots Containers Plant Flowers Garden

Ultimate Landscapes offer patio design and installation, along with many more landscaping services in Countesthorpe, Hinckley and the surrounding areas. If you’d like further information or free advice, then please contact us on 01164 318 489.

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